Friday, July 16, 2010


Aim of life implies of making a career .Everyone wants to make his or her career.Aim differs from one person to another,according to education,living standard or determination.
Determination works effectively in achievement of life.

The aim made in school life is the innocent aim. Student school level of becoming doctors ,engineers,but when they are in higher level they realize that the aim they had chosen in school life is mistake. The aim to become doctor in school life later on change into teacher.

All the aims that the students have thought are not always succeed .It is because they are not economically strong.Every students should think beyond their capacity .If we think beyond our limit then it is sure that we become naturally failure.
I don't like to make such difficult and impossible aim in my life .I have aimed to become a successful nurse is a simple profession .By Becoming nurse .I can give aid to the patients.My inspiration to become nurse is only due to Florence Nightingale.Just like she I too wanted to earn name as her .I would like to show that even though to become nurse is a simple profession but due to nurses only ,the patient get well treatment.

Even though nursing profession now a days is also treated as a bad profession but also.I would like to show them the thinking of people as nursing as the bad profession is wrong. Instead female should be inspired to choose nursing as their career.
I have a great aim to earn name from nursing profession.After all the things .I had aimed is fulfilled then only my heart will be satisfied.I shall act succeed to make the career of my aim .Even though any obstacles try to hinder my way then also i am ready to solve that hindered.
There is no man in the world without an aim in life. If a man has no aim,he cannot succeed in life.

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